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Green Abstract Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

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6 Tips On Using Green Abstract Art To Decorate Your Home Or Office

The color green has long been associated with the vivacity of life, the purity of nature, and the promise of hope. Green can signify anything from renewal, health, and environment to envy or jealousy. Similarly, the color itself is versatile; green can appear in anything from the passionate glow of jade and cool hue of mint to the subdued tinge of hunter green and olive.

Because green is such a peaceful and natural color, it is very fitting in the context of abstract art. Below are 6 tips on using green abstracts to decorate your home or office.

First tip: Find the right color of abstract art that works for your office or home. Because green comes in so many different colors, it is important that you don’t view “green” as just “green.” Look around your room and determine whether it would be best to have a bright apple or spring green, or whether a more subdued tone (such as olive or forest green) would be best.

Second tip: Determine the mood that you’re looking for in your green abstract metal wall decor. Art is very much alive, and it sends different messages to each viewer. Are you seeking an exciting tone of vivacity, life, and promise, or are you looking for an aura of peace and natural calm?

Third tip: Consider where you would like to display your green art sculpture. Location is key to the presentation of your green abstract. If you place it in a neutral surrounding, it will capture the attention of viewers. If you put it among other displays that also attract attention, it will blend into the background, just as the green of nature does.

Fourth tip: Decide the size of the artwork that would be best for your home or office. If you select a piece of abstract wall art that is too small for its surroundings, it will seem to be “swallowed up” in the surroundings and will not fit the proper balance of decor. On the flip side, choosing a piece of art that is too large will seem unfitting. Determine the proper measurements before selecting your piece.

Fifth tip: Pay attention to the patterns represented in your piece of green abstract art. Geometric shapes may represent order and dimensionality, while streaks and blotches may represent anything from the excitement to uncertainty of life.

Also, be sure that the patterns fit your room; if the home or office room already has geometric decor, for example, it would be better to select that pattern in your green abstract decor.

Sixth tip: Be proud of your artwork! Display it with the pride of knowing that your green abstract art will enhance and balance the aura of your home or office. Because of the beauty of the color green and the expressiveness of abstract art, your green abstract art is sure to add a unique touch of beauty and allure to your decor.

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