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Abstract Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Try Using COLORFUL Abstract Wall Art to dress up your home or office. Also browse contemporary wall art and large metal wall art collections.

"Blue" - Metal Wall Art

6 Ways That Metal Abstract Wall Art Can Change The Look Of Your Living Room

Abstract wall decor—looks fantastic on the page, but it can be difficult for some to take the final step and purchase the right piece for your personal space. But, with a few helpful hints, you will find that the addition of a few carefully chosen pieces can tie together almost any décor beautifully. In fact, metal wall decor with an abstract theme can be used in many ways to solve 6 common decorating problems and completely change the look of your living room.

(1) Color. You’ve put together pieces that make sense to you. But, if the green easy chair is across the room from the purple couch, it can look like an odd man out rather than a complementary piece. But, if you acquire a piece of wall art that references the color of the couch next to the chair, you can join up pieces from across the most spacious living space.

(2) Scale. If you have a massive club chair or couch and all of your other pieces are “normal human size” a piece of intermediate scale placed between the two can help break up the sense of “one of these things is not like the other”. We recommend placing a light, medium-scale object next to the larger piece to help break up the sense of mass. Or, a dark, large-scale piece next to the smaller objects to increase the same.

(3) Establishing zones. Abstract wall art can be used to establish different-purposed zones within a larger room. If you have a special space to read, set up a lamp next to a chair in a corner and place two matching (similar in color, style and theme—but not identical) on each wall and you will see immediately that you have set up a room within a room.

(4) Time to get rid of your (or your husband’s) posters. If you are out of college and your posters are not original lithographs from Toulouse Lautrec, it is time for them to go. If you can’t bear to put them in the trash, consider the garage or basement. But, not where you plan to have your serious, grown up friends in. Abstract wall art can be a great way for a bachelor to look ready for a more grown up life (much more appealing to the right kind of woman) and for a married couple to compromise on living room décor.

(5) Time to get rid of your (or your wife’s) mass-manufactured wall art. Do you have one of those large fans on your wall? Silk flowers? Store-bought manufactured décor? It needs to go out with the next carful of charity donations or the garage sale. Mass-manufactured wall art is made to address a certain style or fashion of a very narrow window in time. It quickly looks dated and—let’s face it—a bit silly. Authentically unique sculptural pieces will always look at home as objects d’art and will age gracefully over many years on your wall.

(6) Inspiration. While it’s important to address the way your living room looks and what it says for your guests, it is also important that the living space inspire those who occupy it the most: you and your family. Pick energizing, inspirational pieces that bring out the best in your memories and inspire you to look ahead. And, when you’ve considered all of the above, do one more thing—pick the piece you love and hang it up.

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