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Bathroom Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Bathroom Wall Decor that's very CREATIVE. Use abstract metal wall art or maybe 3d abstract art.

"Blue Sunflower" - Modern Floral Art

Trying To Find Bathroom Wall Decor? Colorful Metal Wall Decor is the Solution

Why should bathroom wall art be pleasant, but forgettable? Even the savviest interior designers can neglect the blank canvas presented by bathroom walls, focusing oh so much attention on overpriced faucet, sink, and shower features.

Often, a landscape or another pretty, but boring print is hung last minute. Bathroom wall decor shouldn’t be an afterthought or a disjointed element of the overall design.

Incorporating colorful metal wall decor can seamlessly mesh your favorite bathroom features into complete and memorable designs and themes. The goal of many contemporary bathroom designs is to create a feeling of tranquility, which can be achieved without being dull or minimalistic using colorful metal artwork.

Decorative metal artwork enhances the aesthetic appeal of bathrooms through an array of shapes, textures, and colors to complement any design. The illusion of swirling waters or breaking waves is easily achieved using the medium of aluminum and other metals. Compared to the stagnant effects of simple prints, metal artwork creates an atmosphere that can mimic the natural ebb and flow of tidal waters.

Inspirations from nature are easily realized and reflected through this medium, from babbling brooks to radial flowers that seem to shimmer in the sun. The unique vibrancy and shine of colors on the metal brings to life bathroom decor. Another characteristic of using metal wall decor is its’ ability to provide design contrast in the form of geometric and natural shapes. Whether hanging a simple triangular sail-shaped piece or a layered design incorporating multiple shapes, textures, and colors, metal works cause an otherwise bland wall to pop and everyone who enters to take notice.

Using metal wall decor isn’t all about contrast however. These pieces can create harmony among bathroom features as well. Whether using geometric shapes or natural shapes and textures, along with color, metal wall artwork can mend seemingly disjointed features. For instance, mosaic metal artwork can sample colors from the rest of the bathroom wall decor, while simultaneously providing some geometric contrast.

Classic copper fixtures are also complemented by incorporating a copper piece with a splash of coordinated color. Metal artwork inspired by natural shapes, like foliage, helps compose more natural themes that promote a sense of tranquility and vitality. Mirrors are another bathroom feature that gets overlooked. Mirrors are often placed in simple frames, which do nothing to complement the overall bathroom design. Including colorful metal framed mirrors into a bathroom design can dress up an otherwise plain mirror.

Framing a mirror in colorful metal artwork adds excitement and a prominent focal point to catch the eye. The interior design of any bathroom can be enhanced and made stunning to guests and residents by simply adding colorful metal wall décor. The vast array of possibilities of color, texture, and shape using metal wall artwork makes it an easy solution for creating a unique and unforgettable bathroom ambiance.

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