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Sun Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Be BOLD with Sun Wall Art. See our Gallery of metal art wall decor which includes abstract metal wall art.

Sun Wall Art: These Bold Pieces Are Perfect For Your Bathroom Décor

A unifying and defining piece of metal wall art that is done in the sun art genre serves well to coordinate a well decorated bathroom. According to Tim Herbst of the Metal Wall Art Gallery, a strong piece of sun wall decor makes the bathroom sparkle with bright and bold colors and textures that elevate the mood and senses as though the sun had burst in to shine.
There is an excursion that can be conducted right in your own home to see all the excitement of the vivid and illuminating sun wall decor for bathroom décor on the Herbst Gallery website. It is full of all the contemporary style, function and versatility that appeals to a wide spectrum of interior design tastes and ideas. When the exact piece that brings the bathroom together is not in the online collection you can email Tim Herbst and request a special handmade order. This is a quality feature not available in other metal wall art galleries.

This excursion contains a list of the sun wall art that includes; 1.) Sunflower? Metal Wall Décor embodies creativity and originality as vital components of life shown in the vibrant colors of the sunflower sunburst with black, gray and then black again on the 3 levels of frames within frames. It has depth, mimics the power of the sun and is a great conversation topic for guests 2.) Shake It Metal Sculpture Wall Art and it is a vibrant blend of colors and textures of metal, copper and aluminum that excites and delights the viewer and space it fills 3.) Sunflower Metal Wall Art is a concentrically layer supernova with a fiery and explosive center that mimics the sun and sunflower at the same time.

These sun wall art descriptions are magnificent and there are also some very exquisite round mirror sun art pieces that Tim Herbst recommends for taking the squared edges off the interior of the bathroom and balancing it with curvature. This concept is demonstrated when the customer sees creations that include: 1.) Sunburst Round Contemporary Wall Sculpture mimicking the sun and sunflower at the same time 2.) Round Metal Wall Art that has smooth symmetry within a circular sphere of black, white and metal and 3.) Face to the Sun – metal wall sculpture that is a 2 layer aluminum wall art piece with voluminous color and rich texture that is covered with an acrylic coat that gives the appearance of glass.

The key to the selection process of a bathroom piece that fits your décor is staying true to your course in terms of what you want and making sure it works with the bathroom motif. Make sure the colors and textures compliment each other and that the piece is original and boldly embellishes the bathroom.

Tim Herbst recommends that you pay attention to what visceral reactions to get from your surroundings that you can apply to your sense of interior design. This is your true compass for knowing what you want and being able to articulate that or recognize it clearly when you see it. Then the sun wall art selection you make will be the perfect fit.

A good way to practice the selection process is to make careful and thoughtful observations on the Herbst Gallery website and then create a bathroom decorated with the accent pieces from the gallery on a paper model. Study the model bathroom design until you get the style, colors, textures, sizes and shapes that suit your taste and personality. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom and you want the surroundings to be comforting and soothing.

Lastly, please enjoy your viewing experience at the Herbst Gallery with sun wall art and all metal wall art on the website. It is a very easy site to navigate and Mr. Herbst has provided email access to discuss any individual orders and pricing details. Decorating with flair and boldness should be an exciting adventure with tremendous décor rewards in quality selections that coordinate well within your home.

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