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Bedroom Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

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Bedroom Wall Decor: 6 Fantastic Ways To Dress It Up

It’s often referred to as the place where the “magic happens,” but finding the right bedroom wall decor doesn’t require any complicated spells. Whether you’re looking to turn your bedroom into a chamber of love or a more restful place to sleep, using abstract wall art is the way to go.

But how do you know which pieces to pick, what colors they should be and where to hang them once you have them? Here are six great ways to dress up your bedroom wall art by using modern wall art and decor:

  1. If you want your bedroom to be a place where you can go for refuge from a hard day at work and get the best sleep possible, using cool tones in your bedroom wall art is your best option. Abstract wall art that uses blues and greys as the main colors will be the most effective.
  2. If you’re looking to create a sleeping space that will foster passion, your bedroom wall art choice should run closer to the colors of love and fire like reds and vibrant oranges. In nature, the color red means ready for love so placing it around your bedroom will create a very loving vibe.
  3. For the maximum impact of bedroom wall art, you should place your piece of abstract wall art somewhere you can see it while you sleep or while you entertain. Either at the foot of the bed on the wall opposite the headboard or on either or both sides of the bed will be best.
  4. Large pieces in a bedroom can sometimes overpower the walls. Most bedrooms are not the biggest rooms in the house, so unless you have a lot of wall space to spare keep your bedroom wall art to a manageable size.
  5. Bedroom wall decor is all about creating comfort, whether it’s the comfort to fall asleep and stay soundly asleep all night long or the comfort to be intimate with someone else. No matter the color, you should try to choose abstract wall art that won’t be jarring to look at, either in the morning or by candle light.
  6. The amount of bedroom wall art you put up should be used sparingly. Not every walls needs to be completely covered with pieces. But if you’d like to have more than one piece of abstract wall art in your bedroom, use a cluster or a coupling of a few pieces with like colors on the same wall.
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