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Wall Decoration Ideas

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Some GREAT Wall Decoration Ideas using Metal Wall Decor. See our wall art and decor gallery with lots of bathroom wall art ideas and more.

10 Wall Decoration Ideas For The Perfect Contemporary Living Room

The living room is one of the most used rooms in the house. It is where most families hang out together, whether to watch TV or play games or read books. The living room is also where we entertain guests to our home. Decorating your living room makes your house more welcoming and enjoyable.

Most people avoid updating their living rooms when money is tight. But with a lot of creativity and smart budgeting, you can improve the look of your living room without spending a lot. Decorating your walls is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to update your living room. Here are some great wall decoration ideas for the perfect contemporary living room.

Paint your wall. Changing the color of your wall has a huge effect in the look of your living room. You can paint all the walls of your living room or you can just choose 1 or 2 walls to paint. Warm colors like red and yellow liven up the room while cool colors like blue and green can make a room more relaxing.

Wallpaper your wall. Instead of painting your wall, you can also try wallpapering your wall. Nowadays, there are many contemporary designs of wallpaper to choose from to liven up your wall.

Hang a big framed artwork. This is probably the easiest way to decorate a living room. Get a photo or painting, such as a landscape or nice scenery, have it framed and hang it on your wall. Make sure the artwork is large enough that it is not dwarfed by the wall and small enough that it does not dwarf the wall.

Hang several small framed photos or paintings. You can also hang several small framed photos or paintings on your walls. You can either get a couple of similar sized photos and hang them in a linear fashion or you can get a couple of different sized photos and mix and match them.

Display your family portraits as fine art. Instead of paintings or photos of landscapes, you can display a photo of your loved ones on your walls. It can be a family portrait, or several solo photos of different members of your family. You can also commission paintings of your family.

Display your collection. Do you have a collection that you are passionate about? Whether you have a collection of photos, paintings, baseball cards, stamps or other memorabilia, you can frame them and hang them on the wall of your living room. This can serve as a mini art gallery where your friends and family can enjoy your collection instead of collecting dust in your closet.

Add some shelves. If you want a wall decoration idea that is both beautiful and functional, you can add some shelves next to your wall. Shelves lets you easily group assorted items together. You can use open shelves if you have a lot of decorative items to display. Or if you just want extra storage, you can use shelves with drawers so that you can keep your items nice and neat.

Hang contemporary metal art to your walls. Nothing says contemporary better than metal wall art. Hanging metal wall art to your walls instantly makes your living room look more sophisticated. Metal wall art is not expensive and you can choose from different kinds of metal art and designs such as abstract, contemporary, metal and glass, mosaic, tree metal, copper and many others.

Add a decorative wall mirror. Decorative wall mirrors can make a small space seem bigger, add more light to a dark space and make a dull room seem brighter. In addition to that, you can use the mirror to check your own reflection. You can choose between round, rectangular or square mirrors. There are also many different sizes, styles and finishes to choose from.

Add good lighting to your walls. As a finishing touch, you can get lights to highlight your wall. Most people forget about lighting but lighting can add ambiance to your wall.

Those are the 10 wall decoration ideas for the perfect contemporary living room.

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