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Tree Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

UPREME Tree Wall Art to give your decor some flair. Check out our gallery of modern abstract art as well - all handcrafted.

Metal Tree Wall Art is beautiful and elegant for any home or office space

It is not just art, it is a reflection of your personality and professionalism. Each piece is hand crafted on an individual basis, only being created as each order is placed. Not only will you receive a beautiful work of art, you will be receiving a beautiful work of art that is unique and created only for you. You will never see another piece exactly like yours. If you see a certain style or have an idea for a piece of metal tree art you would like, special orders are always welcome.

One of the greatest aspects of Metal Tree Art is that it will never fade under your office lights, never be torn or broken when the grandchildren come to visit and it is something you can pass on for generations. Each piece is constructed from brushed and ground steel and comes ready to hang, just as you would a picture. Single panel pieces make great accents to brighten up a room where little or no sunlight enters, or to a windowless office or waiting room. Multi-panel metal art can be spaced apart in order to accent an entire wall or give the impression of a larger room. Pieces vary in size to cover any 'naked' wall space.

Each Metal tree piece gives you the option to hang them vertically or horizontally, also giving you opportunity to design your space to suit your needs. A vertical hanging can give the appearance of a higher ceiling and symbolize growth, strength, and endurance, or a horizontal hanging can elongate a room and symbolize development, renewal, and friendship.

Each piece is treated with a clearcoat to protect it's integrity, and all pieces are easy to care for; simply dust them as needed with a soft or micro fiber cloth. It's low maintenance and unique design make it perfect for any home or office decor. For an added touch, there are also mirrors, coat racks and jewelry holders available, to complete your unique look throughout your home or office. Each piece is satisfaction guaranteed. If you are unhappy with you piece for any reason, you have thirty days to return it, no questions asked.

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