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Contemporary Metal Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

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How To Choose A Piece Of Contemporary Metal Wall Art For Your Home Or Office

The world of contemporary metal wall decor offers a great wealth of variety in colors, textures, shapes, sizes and genre. It can be quite intimidating to attempt to decide what it is one wants unless one follows some basic guidelines. This writing will try and be a guide for anyone looking to choose the “right piece” of modern metal wall decor for their home or office. The final decision will still be regulated by personal taste.
The first place to start is to decide (at least generally) the location where the contemporary metal wall art will be placed. Are you attempting to fill a large expanse of wall or just an area? What do you want the artwork to do, add to the space, contrast with the space or be a showpiece of its own? Do you want to add color, add texture or take the passive approach? Is this for a living area or for an office space?

Let's look at the last question first. If the piece is for an office space, there will be a lot of different choices for the boardroom or the personal office. If it is for the boardroom, are we looking to make the space upbeat? Perhaps something of sharp color, contrast and hard lines to make the boardroom seem more of a place to do business, a show of solid contemporary success? Perhaps the plan is to “fit in” more with the dominant decor and to blend in with tasteful elegance displaying that we are successful and know why. Something like a tree or nature piece in a natural finish would do well for the latter, the size depending on the space.

For the personal office much will depend on the space available. But again, the choices depend on the intent. If one looking for a show of contemporary success, perhaps many of the high contrast color pieces with a hard footprint and softer lines on the inside (circles or natural shapes) will work. If one is looking for lofty elegance, a work of art of the more natural color with plenty of texture would be a great way to say, “This is my comfort space.”

The home offers many locations for contemporary metal wall art. The living space can be made to feel more comfortable and appealing by a contrasting piece as the center of an expanse of wall, perhaps over a sofa or seating area. If the area is small, perhaps a smaller display of a shiny finish to lighten and add dimension to the space. Or perhaps something mundane, a touch of elegance in a soft finish adding to the comfort level of the room.

Dining areas and such larger locations are great places for large displays of color. A lively addition of color and texture can help to keep the conversation going even after a big meal. Done in a baud display, you will notice that the mood will tend to stay elevated through any sitting and what a display for your guest to see in your home! Again, let the space and location dictate your choices, don't be shy of a good piece!

There are many ways to use a piece of metal art work. It can be a show of prosperity, success and solidity. Even the most modest can bestow a feeling of tasteful elegance. Show others that you care about your surroundings and have put thought into its display. Contemporary metal art can show that you took the effort to finish your space. And think of the hours you eyes will enjoy exploring every corner of your new art.

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