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Contemporary Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

ELEGANT Contemporary Wall Decor to transform your interior design elements. See my modern metal wall art collection including some exceptional large wall art.

"Leap" - Metal Art Wall Decor

5 Tips On Taking Your Home Decor To New Heights With Metal Contemporary Wall Decor

Covering the empty, white walls in a home or apartment with appealing and interesting works of art can sometimes feel like a daunting project to overcome. Deciding where to hang your new art work and what kind of new artwork you should buy is a big investment in both your time and your emotions.

Modern wall art and decor can create any and every feeling in a room you could imagine and it can do it with clean lines and clear cut, beautiful statements. Here are five ways you can make a big splash in your home with contemporary wall decor.

1. If you have a home with more traditional fixtures and things you can’t change like crown molding or elaborate window finishes, try pulling in some contemporary metal wall art to create a more up-to-date look in every room. Some pieces can include elements in nature, like simple trees with willowy branches, that will mix well in a more traditional space.

2. When working with a home that is already well decorated but needs that extra something to set it off and take the decor to the next level, a piece of modern metal wall decor can provide just the right amount of oomph without overpowering the rest of the art. Find a piece that has a standout color and use it as an accent.

3. Mixing contemporary metal wall art with more contemporary pieces is obviously a perfect match, but try to hang the art in an interesting way or in a spot that is a little unexpected. Try placing a piece of contemporary wall decor in a small niche near a nice, cozy reading spot, away from distractions like the television so you can enjoy the piece with your undivided attention.

4. Great works of art should always be shown in the best light possible and modern wall decor is no different. Try placing your piece right above or in a direct point of light to call attention to the detail and elegance of the artwork whenever you brighten up a dark room.

5. If you’re a big fan of color but you want something that doesn’t look stuffy or outdated, use a large and multi-colored piece of contemporary metal wall art to be the main focus of your room. Hang it someplace like in the living room or your bedroom where the high energy colors can create a positive buzz.

Contemporary wall decor, although modern by nature, has just as much power to move a viewer and beautify a room as any old classic from the Renaissance. Where ever you place your piece of contemporary wall decor, it will surely be a valuable member of your collection.

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