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Glass Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Metal and Glass Wall Art that's PERFECT for your contemporary corporate decor. Shop home decor wall art including handcrafted contemporary metal wall art.

"Flow With It" - Glass Wall Art

5 Ways Mosaic Glass Wall Decor Can Dress Up Any Wall

Mosaic glass wall decor is a brilliant way to add colorful optical value to any room. Put one in your living area to entertain your guests. Since they come in so many variations, they are suitable for any wallpaper or paint tone. They naturally boost the value of the room's character. When you put them opposite of a window, light will reflect and refract throughout the room to make a kaleidoscope effect as the sun travels across the horizon.

Many businesses already are using mosaic glass wall decor. It builds a vision exclusive to your establishment. Guests will feel right at home when they come to your place of operation. You can achieve a modern look, or by using a variety of pieces a contemporary look unique.

When you add mirrored mosaic glass wall decor in your bathroom, it doubles as a utility when you need to style your hair or do your make up. Not only are they pleasant to look at but they make wonderful dialogues between you and your guests.

Adding mosaic glass wall decor on top of tapestries conveys a beautiful addition to your bedroom. Adding them to your bedroom makes for a magical passage as you drift off to sleep. It is not hard to find the perfect place for artwork. They can be placed over end tables or hanged just about anywhere.

Kids and teenagers love glass wall decor in their bedrooms. It can ease their anxiety and reduces stress levels allowing them to fall asleep in a tranquil, which leaves them feeling greatly refreshed in the morning so they can achieve superior grades in school.

If you have a den or a bar setup in your home, locating them in places with adequate lighting can make a unique dwelling that no public bar could achieve. They are also perfect to put into a pool or game room. They will echo the emotions you want your guests to feel.

You will also find that placing mosaic glass wall art above and below stairwells are great locations. Anytime someone walks up and down the stairs, they will be sure to admire the beauty of the art.

Some folks put them in their kitchen and dining rooms. It adds a pleasant view to look at while you enjoy your meals. Especially on those cloudy rainy days that seem to bring everyone down. Each piece that I make is unique. I can design one to match your carpets and rugs, or even your wooden floors. No matter how your home is setup I have something that will look lovely.

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Glass Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

BEAUTIFUL Glass Wall Decor with handcrafted originality! Shop our gallery of home decor wall art including some handcrafted colorful abstract art too!

The 5 Best Uses Of Mosaic Glass Wall Décor

The mosaic glass wall decor genre is an art form which uses small pieces of materials placed together to create a unified whole. Mosaic glass and metal art are different than traditional tile mosaics, as the smaller pieces are crafted from glass and metal, held together with additional metals, fused glass, and leading. And, unlike tile mosaics, metal and glass are naturally reflective, and play with the available light. Consider placing your artwork in a location with ample or changing light.

One option is to replace the shades or drapes on a single pane French door. Often, drapes don’t work well on a door, and empty glass won’t work for privacy. A metal and glass wall decor piece can be hung in the window using glass hanging hardware. The panel will block unwanted views from the outside and add an ever-changing light display to your room.

Another drape replacement option is to hang a mosaic as you would a valence in a smaller kitchen or bathroom window. By placing the artwork across the top of the window, the view is unobstructed while the effect of the sunlight on the metal and glass design is maximized. A café curtain can be added in a complementary color, or drape panels could be hung along the sides to accent the color palette.

Transom windows are traditionally above doors to allow more light in the space. Why not play off of this architectural detail by mounting a mosaic above an existing door or within an interior archway? Passageways between the kitchen and dining room can be enhanced with a colorful mosaic along the top. A space that is often left empty can instead become a focal point. Metal and glass sculpture is particularly well suited to environments that would damage canvas or paper artwork.

Consider the kitchen backsplash. Anything flammable would be utterly unwise, and installed tile mosaics are expensive and permanent. Custom modern wall art and decor will protect the wall space just as well as ceramic, but offer a one-of-a-kind style. Imagine how the beautiful designs will take your kitchen to the next level!

The bathroom could also benefit from a water-resistant metal and glass mosaic. The mirrored surface and directional lighting often found in a bathroom will enhance the reflective qualities of the mosaic. A candlelit soak in the bath will take on warm tones as the metal and glass enrich the space.

One additional benefit of a metal and glass mosaic art piece is its ability to be moved and removed as the owner chooses. An art piece may be mounted in a kitchen window during the winter months to take advantage of late afternoon soon, and then moved to a bathroom wall during the summer months.

Mosaics can be traded from one doorway to another to keep the room interesting. Installed tile mosaics are permanent, but glass and metal sculptures can be rotated throughout the house to bring joy wherever they are placed.

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Mosaic Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

See How AMAZING Mosaic Wall Art can be in your home or office decor. Shop modern abstract art including glass wall decor.

Mosaic Wall Art: The Perfect Decoration For Your Downtown Loft

Whether you have just moved into a downtown loft or have been there for years, you know it is imperative to give it the right look and feel with special decorations that suit your taste. Handcrafted Mosaic Wall Decor may be just the answer to your needs. These pieces are completed with only the finest artistry and handcrafted workmanship, a tradition that has been passed down through the ages. As well, these handcrafted mosaic works of art have been displayed in the finest homes throughout history. Now, you can have your own mosaic glass wall art, a metal wall sculpture that places your special space into the highest echelon of taste.

The great cathedral spaces of Europe are home to many stunning mosaic works by the greatest artists and craftsman of the medieval age. Places like St. Paul's Cathedral in Vatican City contain beautiful works of mosaic art. With beautiful metal wall sculpture in the form of handcrafted mosaic art, you can keep company with the elite circles such as the Louvre, the Vatican Museum and the Czarist Russian Palaces.

Nothing completes the sophisticated ambiance of your space like a well placed work of art. Metal wall art sculptures look fantastic in large loft spaces. They complete the arty feel of the place you call home. A handcrafted work of mosaic wall art in contrast to, and in concert with, the post-industrial vibe of your downtown loft will place you in league with the finest art galleries.

In particular, glass wall art can provide a dramatic feeling for your downtown loft. These stunning pieces look fantastic against the gritty urban feel of brick walls, pipes, timbers, and other downtown looks often found in loft living.

Many available examples of mosaic wall art are vertical pieces which accent that special area of your downtown loft that needs just the right size and fit for its decor. A well placed piece can elevate that space into the finest of home decor. Imagine the dramatic and artful entrance way to your loft framed by metal wall sculpture. Mosaic glass art pieces, especially in pairs, can absolutely make an entry hall come alive.

There are many different color schemes available which you can match to your home decor. Some works of mosaic wall decor feature bright colors which can liven up your walls and your living space. Others are of a raw and distressed copper look which is especially tasteful against rough brick walls. A variety of frames are also available which will help to complete the look. Choose from black and gray framed pieces as the rest of your decor dictates.

Whatever your choice and desire, you can be sure that handcrafted metal wall art mosaics will have a cherished place in your castle for eternity and will be the envy and talk of your wonderful social gatherings.

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