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Glass Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Metal and Glass Wall Art that's PERFECT for your contemporary corporate decor. Shop home decor wall art including handcrafted contemporary metal wall art.

"Flow With It" - Glass Wall Art

5 Ways Mosaic Glass Wall Decor Can Dress Up Any Wall

Mosaic glass wall decor is a brilliant way to add colorful optical value to any room. Put one in your living area to entertain your guests. Since they come in so many variations, they are suitable for any wallpaper or paint tone. They naturally boost the value of the room's character. When you put them opposite of a window, light will reflect and refract throughout the room to make a kaleidoscope effect as the sun travels across the horizon.

Many businesses already are using mosaic glass wall decor. It builds a vision exclusive to your establishment. Guests will feel right at home when they come to your place of operation. You can achieve a modern look, or by using a variety of pieces a contemporary look unique.

When you add mirrored mosaic glass wall decor in your bathroom, it doubles as a utility when you need to style your hair or do your make up. Not only are they pleasant to look at but they make wonderful dialogues between you and your guests.

Adding mosaic glass wall decor on top of tapestries conveys a beautiful addition to your bedroom. Adding them to your bedroom makes for a magical passage as you drift off to sleep. It is not hard to find the perfect place for artwork. They can be placed over end tables or hanged just about anywhere.

Kids and teenagers love glass wall decor in their bedrooms. It can ease their anxiety and reduces stress levels allowing them to fall asleep in a tranquil, which leaves them feeling greatly refreshed in the morning so they can achieve superior grades in school.

If you have a den or a bar setup in your home, locating them in places with adequate lighting can make a unique dwelling that no public bar could achieve. They are also perfect to put into a pool or game room. They will echo the emotions you want your guests to feel.

You will also find that placing mosaic glass wall art above and below stairwells are great locations. Anytime someone walks up and down the stairs, they will be sure to admire the beauty of the art.

Some folks put them in their kitchen and dining rooms. It adds a pleasant view to look at while you enjoy your meals. Especially on those cloudy rainy days that seem to bring everyone down. Each piece that I make is unique. I can design one to match your carpets and rugs, or even your wooden floors. No matter how your home is setup I have something that will look lovely.

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