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Wall Decor Ideas

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Metal Wall Decor Ideas - Some FANTASTIC suggestions to help your decor. Contemporary metal wall art is a great idea.

10 Creative Wall Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Little Home Office

  1. Modern: Modern art tends to be fun and will instill a feeling of creativity and productivity in a person. The fun shapes, angles, and colors translate into more dynamic ideas.
  2. Contemporary: The use of contemporary art allows for a peaceful work atmosphere. Contemporary art can often act as a stress reliever and may mitigate the tension and harshness of a plain wall.
  3. Tree: The use of trees is a wonderful idea that allows people to feel more freedom, as if they were outdoors. It opens up the confinement of a closed space allowing the mind to wander more freely.
  4. Mirror Art: Studies have shown that people tend to act more productively and morally correct when in the presence of mirrors. The reflection of oneself leads to more consciousness of one’s actions.
  5. Metal: Metal art in general is fun because it has a somewhat futuristic feel to it. It allows for the mind to jump ahead of itself and develop ideas beyond its normal scope.
  6. Mosaic: The use of mosaics for decor is great for a team setting. The hodge-podge of the artwork translates to a team mixing their ideas to develop one fantastic piece.
  7. Garden: Like the tree art, garden art allows for a sense of freedom, but it also brings a touch of elegance. Flowers possess a quality that trees alone do not of beauty, elegance, and innocence.
  8. Glass: Glass catches the eye in any situation; however when hanging on a wall it adds a sense of risk. People see it and tend to question the strength of the nail on which it hangs. It will create a sense of empowerment to try to risks in your business.
  9. Sun: Having a sun present in a room is an expression of radiance and glow that makes one feel warm and open to ideas. This is sure to increase productivity, as well as beauty.
  10. Size: One of the most important things in selecting art is size. I make large pieces that are meant to inspire and awe. In a home office, some may feel that a large piece of artwork may be too much, but it is quite the opposite. A large piece speaks to people and encourages risk taking, productivity, creativity, and most importantly large ideas.
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