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Personalized Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

See how GREAT Personalized Wall Decor will look in your home or office. We have some great modern abstract art for your space.

Personalized Wall Decor: Create A Metal Wall Sculpture For Your Dining Room

A true conversation piece for your upcoming dinner party or celebration would be a metal wall sculpture for your dining room. Whether you have a large formal dining room or a small area in your home converted into a small dining setting, these accent pieces can accommodate your decorating needs.
Each unique piece is constructed out of steel and the designer utilizes a technique to make it translucent, so light can penetrate through the panes. The result, a bright, prism effect when light is shown through. One might even hang these pieces in front of a large window to truly enjoy and experience this one of a kind design.

The true beauty of these abstract art pieces is that it can be hung either vertically or horizontally depending on your own personal taste. No need to worry about wall placement, just your design ideas will determine how the wall sculptures will be utilized in your home.

Below are some great design ideas for the metal artwork. Whether you are on a tight budget and have limited space or have the funds and space to live out your fantasy, the personalized wall decor will truly make your dining room a work of art. A great design tip for a small space is to use 2 or 3 wall sculptures as room dividers.

Many smaller homes and apartments do not have adequate space to accommodate a dining area. So a unique way to create a nice dining nook is to purchase the medium to large size metal wall sculptures and hang them from your ceiling and it becomes a floating wall. Just place your table and chairs in front of it and it becomes your new dinging area. This way you are not reducing your living space with floor length dividers, but giving the appearance of more space and room.

On a grander scale, if you are fortunate enough to have a large formal dining area and want a spectacular centerpiece, you could create your own ceiling mosaic. Order several large pieces and have them placed on the ceiling to give your room a great contemporary look. If you happen to have recessed lightening, hang the wall sculptures just below and create a floating mosaic. The light coming through your art will provide a dazzling light show for your guest to enjoy.

Right now 3 dimensional effects are in high demand. From movies to television, 3-D effects seem to be appearing everywhere. The reason 3-D is so highly popular is that it stimulates your senses and draws you in. The multicolor and multi-dimensional look to each piece will have the same effect. Each time you view this piece you will see something different you may not have noticed before.

A great way to enhance the 3-D effect of your wall sculpture is to use your existing recessed lighting and sheer material. Tack a large area of sheer material just over your lightening in your dining area. Then, suspend your art in the center of the lightening and material and watch your room come to life. Just imagine the light penetrating through the bright material then through your sculpture, this will truly liven up the space and draw all attention to your beautiful art work.

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