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Laundry Room Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Laundry Room Wall Decor can be SPECIAL. Browse online - handcrafted modern abstract art with a contemporary twist.

Laundry Room Wall Decor: 5 Tips For Choosing Something Unique And Creative

  • The last room you probably would think about decorating is your laundry room. It is often thought as a utilitarian space that you only go in and out of when you are doing chores. While that may be mostly true, there is no reason not to make the space as appealing as possible just as you would any other room in your house.
  • One easy way to do this is by using laundry room wall decor. Your typical laundry room is usually outfitted with drab plastic hooks and wire baskets. You know they are ugly, but they serve a purpose. With a little bit of thought, you can find wall accessories that are not only functional, but also art that will make your laundry room a fun and relaxing place to be.
  • Take your average wall hook for example. Get rid of these and find something more decorative. Find a sculpted metal wall hook that looks more like a work of art than anything else. At first glance you should not even notice that it is a hook, but instead find something that you find visually pleasing. This should be the centerpiece of your laundry room, not dirty clothes.
  • Once you have your hooks, what to hang on them? Of course you don’t want to cover up this wonderful piece. You could hang some of your beautiful silk scarves here to put them on display instead of inside the dresser drawer in the bedroom. You may also want to hang small potted plants to liven up the room. Whatever it is, choose something unique that you like.
  • Another fun thing to include in your laundry room is a mirror. You never know if you may decide to try something on you haven’t worn in a while, or if you are washing new clothes and can’t wait to put them on. A plain mirror is boring. You will want to find one with a really beautiful decorative frame that goes along with the hook sculpture you have. Choose something that is very elegant to stand out from the other items in the room.
  • For a really complete look, add some floating shelves a few feet from the ceiling. Here you can place more plants, as well as some free standing metal sculptures to further compliment the ones you have hanging on the wall.
  • Finally, if you still have room, choose some smaller works to hang on the wall. These could be personal trinkets, small sculptures, pictures or signs. You may want them to connect back to the hook sculpture you chose. For example if there are floral elements in the sculpture, you may want to also hang a drawing of a flower.
  • With just the right laundry room wall decor, the place where you wash your clothes will be much more that. People who walk into this room won’t even notice the washer and dryer right away. Add a small couch or chair and you may even find yourself lounging in this new environment while you wait for the spin cycle to finish.
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