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Framed Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Get CREATIVE with Framed Wall Decor and your interior design. Visit our gallery of metal home decor wall art for home or office.

Choose Abstract Framed Wall Decor To Contrast That Drab Grey Office Wall

The owner of a business office space that seeks to inspire those working within its drab grey office walls must have a vision to awaken the style and feel of the environment with daring and prominent art accents. A tour of the Herbst Metal Wall Art Gallery online would certainly provide a convenient location to access an original and stylish display of modern metal wall decor.

The tour will present fresh, creative abstract wall decor that possesses bright colors, rich texture and diverse patterns, shapes and sizes that awaken a drab space and transform grey walls into a medium and background for intriguing classic metal wall art in the abstract framed wall decor. The beauty of touring in the Herbst Metal Wall Art Gallery website is that a business owner can consult right there over email about having a special piece they envision made.

The tour begins with the current top sellers in the Herbst Gallery which include; 1.) Cold Water on a Hot Day Metal Abstract Wall Art is a quality piece composed of vibrant colors and rich layered textures. It draws the observer in with its heat and coolness 2.) Sunflower? Metal Wall Decor promotes the abstract thinking process and helps the possibilities come alive with its dimensional design and refraction of light in a fabulous blend of colors 3.) Green Love with Blue Custom Metal is abstract framed wall decor that draws you deep within its warm core and lets the observer be inspired by its intensity of color and style 4.) Green Fields Contemporary Metal Wall Hanging gives grey walls a sparkling personality that embodies a creative spirit and 5.) Dazzle Metal Wall Sculptures are two pieces that have the distinct ability to innately regenerate your wall space.

Next, the tour of the Herbst Metal Wall Art Gallery website takes us to additional favorites in the abstract framed wall décor including; 1.) Absolute Abstract Art Wall Decor that is bold with color and design patterns that fill the senses 2.) Abstract Love Contemporary Metal Wall Decor is a strikingly luminous color pallid that is the central presence in any office space 3.) Sun Spot Abstract Metal Wall Art is an aluminum wall art sculpture of considerable size and possesses the functionality and versatility to be hung vertically or horizontally depending on the size and shape of the space and how you prefer to introduce it. Tim Herbst is very proud of the multi-purpose features of his original artistry as it can decorate, be a conversation piece and inspire creativity, discovery and ingenuity that are always priorities in a productive business environment.

The next three abstract framed wall decor pieces in the Herbst Gallery demonstrate more of the range in style and flair for dimensional intensity that is Tim Herbst Metal Wall Art. The pieces include; 1.) Green Door Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture that is dimensionally intense for inspirational affect 2.) Alfalfa on the Farm Abstract Metal Decor is a perfect unique touch to any room and can be particularly appealing to the traditional country taste in interior design and 3.) Amoeba 2 – aluminum wall sculpture is a large and can be hung either horizontally or vertically and has the magnetism to command a visceral response from the observer.

There are also very bold pieces in the abstract framed wall decor that the tour of the Herbst Gallery website should cover and they include the following select pieces; 1.) Be Original Abstract Metal Wall Panel that uniquely possesses daring colors and presents a special flair in design for your office space 2.) Celestial – contemporary abstract framed wall decor made of aluminum and possessing bold colors and an intriguing design that can be hung either vertically or horizontally and 3.) Charisma Modern Metal Wall Hanging Art is appropriately named because it is captivating and inspirational all at once.

The tour continues with additional daring pieces that compliment the office space that include; 1.) Cosmos – Large Metal Wall Art Abstract that is a think piece that has imposing colors and adds flair to a drab space 2.) Cozy in Here is abstract framed wall décor made in 2 aluminum layers and is quite a large piece that can be hung in any direction with a supplied hanger that Tim Herbst provides for this warmth exuding piece and 3.) Cosmopolitan – aluminum wall sculpture that is large, beautiful and a luminous combination of colors that has dimensional flow.

Finally on the tour of the Herbst Gallery website we must touch on the newest features for fun, excitement and rejuvenation of the office space. These abstract framed wall decor pieces include; 1.) Eat Rain Drops Metal Wall Decor Sculpture made of raw steel and blue that cool the senses while being visually inviting 2.) Watchin’ the Sun Go Down Abstract Wall Art is a dynamic and eye-catching piece that ignites an office space and 3.) What’s Around The Corner Modern Metal Wall Décor with a vibrant blend of colors that motivate and inspire observers in the office space. All this elegant artistry awaits your office space with just one visit to the Herbst Metal Wall Art Gallery website and you will be convinced.

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