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Copper Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

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Use Copper Wall Art To Accent Your Contemporary Kitchen

The wonder of copper for the kitchen is its ability to tie together the warmth and simplicity of bygone centuries with the clean lines of today’s contemporary kitchens.

Copper has had a place in the kitchen for centuries. Copper pans are still prized today for their ability to conduct heat. The best bakers swear that one must use a copper bowl to produce the best meringue. And, of course, who could have a proper cup of coffee without a proper copper coffee pot? The appeal is more than historical, it is global.

In even the smallest home in India, the gleaming copper pots and pans will be prominently displayed as a sign of wealth and prosperity. Copper is the universal metal of the hearth of the home.

In the contemporary kitchen, Copper wall sculptures can beautifully marry the hearth-warming utility of copper implements with the clean-lined design of the modern kitchen. Many modern kitchens need a bit of warmth added to the mix.

Whimsical cookie jars and oven mitts can seem out of place on a shining black granite counter top. Adding a touch of copper wall decor brings back the sense of the centuries old tradition of the kitchen as the heart of the home, without spoiling the beauty and composure of the modern kitchen design.

The color of copper can also be a help. Copper wall art can tie together with metallics (stainless steel finishes, for example) with warmer materials (wooden cabinets). A piece of well-placed copper wall decor brings together these disparate materials and forms a meeting place for them with the eye.

Placement of a copper wall sculpture can also help to lighten the mood of the modern kitchen. Many modern kitchen include dazzling granite counters, accented by powerful down-shooting halogens. These lights provide great illumination for a working surface and show the glittering quartz crystals of the granite counters to great advantage. But, they can also have a harsh glare effect.

One way to offset this harshness is to use the warmth of copper on a wall adjacent to a show-piece counter arrangement. The reflection of the copper will warm the lighting and reduce the harshness of the halogen light fixtures.

Copper wall decor can also be used to bring natural light in to darkened recesses of the kitchen. Many kitchens suffer from limited light. If, like most people, the only window you have in your kitchen is a small one above the sink, you are in need of some means to reflect what little light you have around the room. Copper wall art is far superior to a simple mirror in that it diffuses and warms the natural light that reflects off of it. Place it in the room such that the light that reflects off of the art bounces further into the room and not just back out the window.

Finally, use copper wall art to create a sense of a small and intimate space in your kitchen. If you have a large, utilitarian kitchen, it can be hard to create a sense of the snug intimacy of the bygone breakfast nook. Add a piece of wall art to a corner next to a counter bar, add some bar stools and a French press for your coffee and your kitchen now features its own intimate café.

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