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Wall Metal Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Wall Metal Art is UNPARALLELED when trying to dress up your office or home. See contemporary wall decor, abstract metal wall art and more.

IN THE GARDEN - Modern Abstract Art

Wall Metal Art: Some Great Tips For Choosing The Best Fit For Your Space

When you walk into a room, its décor is the first thing you notice. Décor tells you a lot about a person. Plain colors and soft prints depict simplicity, whereas exciting blasts of color and diversity in material portrays confidence.
Material is diverse- you can purchase pieces which encompass different types and sheen's of metal, colors of glass, and various shapes and sizes. And with such a variety to choose from a proper consideration of lighting and surrounding will supplement the beauty of each piece.

When decorating a room, the first thing you must consider is who you are and what your attitude is. Perhaps you are a bit of everything. Mosaic pieces are a great expression of this idea, as you’ve got colors, little bits of mirror, and metal together in jagged style. Perhaps you’re a little reserved, or are looking for a calming ambiance in your wall metal art. In this case, sleek metal and blue or green hues are a perfect choice.

Maybe you desire an energetic more exciting look, and in said case I would suggest a Fire theme with hues of red, orange and yellow. To go even further; how about a gleaming rainbow of color?

So now you’ve got your colors down, your attitude picked out. Next, think about what type of furniture is in the space you’re decorating. Is it boxy office furniture, a cozy den recliner, stainless steel kitchen appliances, or perhaps deck and lawn furniture? Metal sculpture is marvelous in complementing the shape of your space and its interior.

For instance, if you have a rectangular book shelf with wall space above it and a simple desk and computer, perhaps you’d like to balance with other boxy shapes. And for that simple back porch or deck, decorative metal butterfly pieces and mirrors are hardy counterparts to rounded wind chimes and glass tabletops.

Further, while hanging your modern wall art metal, consider what kind of lighting source to use. Metal sculpture interspersed with colored glass is beautiful when hung over a window, as the sunlight shines through it. Where that sunshine hits the opposite wall, a stainless steel piece would be appropriate.

In a cozy basement with no windows, or any other space lit artificially, lustrous copper pieces often highlighted with hues of red and yellow are fitting. As you can see, harmonizing color and material with surrounding furniture and providing suitable lighting can do quite a bit for the atmosphere of a space.

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