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Modern Abstract Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Buy Modern Abstract Art with handcrafted FLAIR for your home or office. We also have some beautiful colorful abstract art as well as modern wall art. For Sale | Buy Online.

"Life Force 2" - Cool Abstract Art

How To Transform Your Living Room With A Amazing Modern Abstract Decor Made Of Metal

Bright and bold colors in modern wall art decor can make for a powerful statement in a room. Lush jewel tones and glistening finishes in modern abstract art made with metal can turn a space that used to be just four walls and a floor into a vibrant show piece. Conversation naturally swirls around a piece of modern abstract metal wall decor.

Each work of abstract metal wall decor invokes a feeling and unique look which incorporates everything from the elements of water and fire to the wings of a butterfly flitting in the wind. A cityscape, whole gardens and indescribable feelings can be expressed through the work, turning your living room into an art gallery.

Every handcrafted piece of abstract wall art and decor is original and guaranteed to be one of a kind. Each work is inspired by something unique and can depicts anything from the positive and warming feel of sunflowers on a summer day to the cool touch of grass beneath bare feet.

Because the pieces are modern art sculptures, they may be interpreted in many ways and can be moved around, flipped and displayed in any way while still maintaining their impact on the viewers and enriching the entire tone of a room.

White space on walls is meant to filled and modern abstract art made from metal works combines the durability to last a lifetime with the value that only handmade, original artwork can provide. A bevvy of colors, shapes and sizes make modern abstract art one of the most varied and interesting mediums.

Modern metal wall art can be hung in a room decorated in neutrals or all white to add the perfect pop of color or it can become the keystone in a lively collection of other works of arts. Because it is abstract, the art blends well with many types of decor and other styles of painting or sculpture.

The nature of abstract metal wall art lends itself well to any size home and because of the many varied colors in the pieces, it’s very simple to ad them as the perfect accent to any living room. The pieces range in color from just plain silver and copper with a golden hue to multi-colored wonders that incorporate almost every hue in the rainbow.

Rooms with architectural feels to them will be made that much more striking with the addition of modern abstract art. Living spaces with clean lines and minimalist looks will be either complimented perfectly by some of the less colorful pieces or made more interesting with a blues, reds, purples and greens of a more dynamic piece.

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3d Abstract Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

3d Abstract Art will take your decor to new HEIGHTS. Shop our gallery for contemporary metal wall art, modern abstract art, and more.

An Office Or Corporate Setting Is A Great Place For Metal 3d Abstract Art

There’s no doubt that offices can be boring. Grey cubicles and generic motivation posters can can sometimes service to not only drain workers of their energy but also prevent them from being as focused as they could on their work. But an office with 3D abstract sculptures on the walls is always going to be a stimulating place to work.

Brilliant colors, handcrafted expertise and perfectly balanced shapes, motifs and movements in the work of 3D metal wall decor will keep a office space from becoming a place employees dread. Instead of dragging their feet into work every day, they’ll be interested, willing and ready to do their best.

With modern 3D wall art in an office conference room, meetings will be energized by the bright reds, greens, oranges and yellows in the pieces. Vibrant colors can bring a breath of fresh air into a stuffy reception area and greet your clients with a vivacious feel.

Hallways of an office will become not only focal points for visitors, but also objects of beauty employees can enjoy that will lift the mood and create a sense of calm through aqua blues and all the varied colors found in nature. 3D metal art work can take many forms and convey almost any feeling you can think of in a workspace through beautiful, unique images and shapes.

Breaks in the lunchroom will be made that much more enjoyable when there’s some interesting three dimensional art on the walls. What used to be a humdrum place where people pick up snacks from the vending machine or refill their coffee mugs can become a place of respite on a busy day.

And there’s never any risk of this type of abstract wall art being offensive to employees because it can be interpreted so many different ways. The motifs and subjects are often elements in nature like wind, water, fire and earth or flowers and neutral subjects.

Colorful 3D abstract art can also be made to convey a certain type of feeling and many pieces are made especially to invoke positive qualities such as beauty, flair, vitality, love, magnetism and life force. Any idea or positive subject can be translated perfectly into 3 dimensional art with an abstract twist.

In tight spaces, 3D abstract metal wall art can be ideal because it comes in so many different shapes and sizes and is often uncluttered looking. 3D abstract art can add a pop of color or provide a sense of order in an office space.

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3D Metal Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

3D Metal Wall Art is so COOL! Your decor with thank you. See our gallery of contemporary wall decor, modern abstract art and much more.

3d Metal Wall Art Can Transform Your Office Waiting Room

When considering how to make your office's waiting room “pop”, it is important to think from an objective perspective. Rather than have blank cold walls that turn off your clients, you want to have something that either deliberately catches their attention or subtly alters their mood to keep them happy, calm and satisfied. The trend has been for many years to have flat two dimensional paintings or photographs that set the mood through a simple cursory glance, and then the client is looking for a magazine to entertain themselves.
A well-chosen piece of 3d metal wall art can transform your office waiting room by adding a measure of entertainment merely by its presence. But how do you know which piece to purchase? There are several ways to approach your decision, and perhaps incorporating more than one of the suggestions given below will give you the chance to keep your waiting room from seeming stale or outdated.

A good way to begin is to take photographs and notes of your waiting room, and spend some time looking at them away from the office. Find someone who doesn't spend much time at your office take a look at them and give their perspective as well. Professional help may be necessary, which can be expensive or you could consider getting some advice from personnel at a do-it-yourself store just to get started. Furniture and carpeting store professionals can give some good decorating advice as well.

The first thing you should consider is, do the colors (floor, wall, ceiling, furniture) correlate or complement each other? This should be a large factor in your search for the right piece of 3d metal wall art. You'll want a piece that doesn't clash with the surrounding colors. While it's true that it is important for your piece to stand out, you don't want it to feel like a thumb in the eye either!

Secondly, if your colors do not complement each other, or seem outdated, you'll need to repaint, or consider replacing flooring and or furniture so that everything coordinates. If you are working from the ground up in this fashion, the wise thing to do may be to select a piece of 3d metal wall art that is appropriate for the setting, and then coordinate your colors and styles around it.

Thirdly, if you feel that everything in the waiting room does coordinate, you'll need to spend some time searching for that piece that fits in properly. Have paintings on some of the other walls? You'll need to think about how they'll look juxtaposed with one another. Will a modern piece correlate with a landscape painting, or a black and white still life?

Fourthly, it is wise to consider if you want to purchase a one of a kind piece, or if there is a series of pieces that can serve to decorate more than one wall. You'll want your clients not to be jarred out of the mood you've set in the waiting room. A good option is to purchase some smaller, similar pieces that you can use to correlate your office itself with the waiting room. Finally, you'll want to have selected something that matches and suits your personality. It is important that your clients do not see a stark contrast with the decorating style and the person they are forming a business relationship.

Continuity between your personal style and the style of your office, matched alongside of your personal character can serve to generate trust and sense of integrity that will be invaluable to keeping your client coming back.

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Black and White Abstract Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

DRESS Up that decor with Black and White Abstract Art. See our gallery of contemporary wall decor, modern metal wall art, and tons more.

The Beauty Of Black And White Abstract Art As It Pertains To Metal Wall Décor

The simplistic beauty and form of metal wall art is steep in its natural and organic material being molded, hammered and grinded to the specifications of the artist. Black and white abstract art is central to metal wall art pieces and is the classic color combination used by Tim Herbst at Metal Wall Art Gallery. The website can be easily accessed online and one can shop, ask questions and request individual pieces be made.
Tim Herbst gives great detailed information about the creation of each displayed piece on his website and explains the role color has or does not have in accenting them. The composition of his pieces are almost always in metal and glass with little or no color added. Mr. Herbst enjoys working with metals and the rawness, gleam of the smooth or rough finish, contrast with white and the dynamic flow of black and white art together with metal gray is dynamic. It draws the observer in and an emotional response is elicited.

A visitor to the website will be powerfully impacted by the sight of the black and white art against a metal framing and be magnetized by its strength. Black and white colors blended with metal surfaces make a texture that is moving to the senses and pleasing to the eye. The same intensity that a black and white movie evokes comes through in black and white abstract art in metal wall art.

The handcrafted elements that are applied to the aluminum by Tim Herbst are embellished by the application of true black and stark white colors. Depth and dimension are added to a piece when monochromatic colors are utilized for effect. A room that needs serious contrast and a classic, sophisticated tone benefits from a black and white art piece that is framed in metal.

Dramatic effect is the purpose that comes through clearly when viewing the metal wall art that is the result of black and white art pieces meeting metal medium. Metal tree wall art that has black and white shading produces contrasts that intrigue your guests and engage them in discussion as soon as they enter the room.

Further dramatic effect is achieved when black and white art form is incorporated into the gray tones of metals to create a transitional process like fall into winter and a somber mood is desirable. The taste and decorating flair of the customer will determine the height of their emotional response to black and white art that metal wall art represents.

The décor of a room with black and white art can present a perfect space for metal wall art that is strong and visceral in appearance and appeal. Tim Herbst is an artisan in welding steel pieces that are accents to a large gathering space in the home or office. They are clean, distinctive and stylish for contemporary art enthusiast.

The greatest appeal of black and white art in metal wall art pieces is the richness of style, color, texture and elegance working together to enhance your space in a particular setting of light and furnishings that are balanced. A well decorated room has the best in black and white art when the metal wall art or sculpture comes from the Herbst gallery.

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