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Black and White Abstract Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

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The Beauty Of Black And White Abstract Art As It Pertains To Metal Wall Décor

The simplistic beauty and form of metal wall art is steep in its natural and organic material being molded, hammered and grinded to the specifications of the artist. Black and white abstract art is central to metal wall art pieces and is the classic color combination used by Tim Herbst at Metal Wall Art Gallery. The website can be easily accessed online and one can shop, ask questions and request individual pieces be made.
Tim Herbst gives great detailed information about the creation of each displayed piece on his website and explains the role color has or does not have in accenting them. The composition of his pieces are almost always in metal and glass with little or no color added. Mr. Herbst enjoys working with metals and the rawness, gleam of the smooth or rough finish, contrast with white and the dynamic flow of black and white art together with metal gray is dynamic. It draws the observer in and an emotional response is elicited.

A visitor to the website will be powerfully impacted by the sight of the black and white art against a metal framing and be magnetized by its strength. Black and white colors blended with metal surfaces make a texture that is moving to the senses and pleasing to the eye. The same intensity that a black and white movie evokes comes through in black and white abstract art in metal wall art.

The handcrafted elements that are applied to the aluminum by Tim Herbst are embellished by the application of true black and stark white colors. Depth and dimension are added to a piece when monochromatic colors are utilized for effect. A room that needs serious contrast and a classic, sophisticated tone benefits from a black and white art piece that is framed in metal.

Dramatic effect is the purpose that comes through clearly when viewing the metal wall art that is the result of black and white art pieces meeting metal medium. Metal tree wall art that has black and white shading produces contrasts that intrigue your guests and engage them in discussion as soon as they enter the room.

Further dramatic effect is achieved when black and white art form is incorporated into the gray tones of metals to create a transitional process like fall into winter and a somber mood is desirable. The taste and decorating flair of the customer will determine the height of their emotional response to black and white art that metal wall art represents.

The décor of a room with black and white art can present a perfect space for metal wall art that is strong and visceral in appearance and appeal. Tim Herbst is an artisan in welding steel pieces that are accents to a large gathering space in the home or office. They are clean, distinctive and stylish for contemporary art enthusiast.

The greatest appeal of black and white art in metal wall art pieces is the richness of style, color, texture and elegance working together to enhance your space in a particular setting of light and furnishings that are balanced. A well decorated room has the best in black and white art when the metal wall art or sculpture comes from the Herbst gallery.

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