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3D Metal Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

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3d Metal Wall Art Can Transform Your Office Waiting Room

When considering how to make your office's waiting room “pop”, it is important to think from an objective perspective. Rather than have blank cold walls that turn off your clients, you want to have something that either deliberately catches their attention or subtly alters their mood to keep them happy, calm and satisfied. The trend has been for many years to have flat two dimensional paintings or photographs that set the mood through a simple cursory glance, and then the client is looking for a magazine to entertain themselves.
A well-chosen piece of 3d metal wall art can transform your office waiting room by adding a measure of entertainment merely by its presence. But how do you know which piece to purchase? There are several ways to approach your decision, and perhaps incorporating more than one of the suggestions given below will give you the chance to keep your waiting room from seeming stale or outdated.

A good way to begin is to take photographs and notes of your waiting room, and spend some time looking at them away from the office. Find someone who doesn't spend much time at your office take a look at them and give their perspective as well. Professional help may be necessary, which can be expensive or you could consider getting some advice from personnel at a do-it-yourself store just to get started. Furniture and carpeting store professionals can give some good decorating advice as well.

The first thing you should consider is, do the colors (floor, wall, ceiling, furniture) correlate or complement each other? This should be a large factor in your search for the right piece of 3d metal wall art. You'll want a piece that doesn't clash with the surrounding colors. While it's true that it is important for your piece to stand out, you don't want it to feel like a thumb in the eye either!

Secondly, if your colors do not complement each other, or seem outdated, you'll need to repaint, or consider replacing flooring and or furniture so that everything coordinates. If you are working from the ground up in this fashion, the wise thing to do may be to select a piece of 3d metal wall art that is appropriate for the setting, and then coordinate your colors and styles around it.

Thirdly, if you feel that everything in the waiting room does coordinate, you'll need to spend some time searching for that piece that fits in properly. Have paintings on some of the other walls? You'll need to think about how they'll look juxtaposed with one another. Will a modern piece correlate with a landscape painting, or a black and white still life?

Fourthly, it is wise to consider if you want to purchase a one of a kind piece, or if there is a series of pieces that can serve to decorate more than one wall. You'll want your clients not to be jarred out of the mood you've set in the waiting room. A good option is to purchase some smaller, similar pieces that you can use to correlate your office itself with the waiting room. Finally, you'll want to have selected something that matches and suits your personality. It is important that your clients do not see a stark contrast with the decorating style and the person they are forming a business relationship.

Continuity between your personal style and the style of your office, matched alongside of your personal character can serve to generate trust and sense of integrity that will be invaluable to keeping your client coming back.

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