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3d Abstract Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

3d Abstract Art will take your decor to new HEIGHTS. Shop our gallery for contemporary metal wall art, modern abstract art, and more.

An Office Or Corporate Setting Is A Great Place For Metal 3d Abstract Art

There’s no doubt that offices can be boring. Grey cubicles and generic motivation posters can can sometimes service to not only drain workers of their energy but also prevent them from being as focused as they could on their work. But an office with 3D abstract sculptures on the walls is always going to be a stimulating place to work.

Brilliant colors, handcrafted expertise and perfectly balanced shapes, motifs and movements in the work of 3D metal wall decor will keep a office space from becoming a place employees dread. Instead of dragging their feet into work every day, they’ll be interested, willing and ready to do their best.

With modern 3D wall art in an office conference room, meetings will be energized by the bright reds, greens, oranges and yellows in the pieces. Vibrant colors can bring a breath of fresh air into a stuffy reception area and greet your clients with a vivacious feel.

Hallways of an office will become not only focal points for visitors, but also objects of beauty employees can enjoy that will lift the mood and create a sense of calm through aqua blues and all the varied colors found in nature. 3D metal art work can take many forms and convey almost any feeling you can think of in a workspace through beautiful, unique images and shapes.

Breaks in the lunchroom will be made that much more enjoyable when there’s some interesting three dimensional art on the walls. What used to be a humdrum place where people pick up snacks from the vending machine or refill their coffee mugs can become a place of respite on a busy day.

And there’s never any risk of this type of abstract wall art being offensive to employees because it can be interpreted so many different ways. The motifs and subjects are often elements in nature like wind, water, fire and earth or flowers and neutral subjects.

Colorful 3D abstract art can also be made to convey a certain type of feeling and many pieces are made especially to invoke positive qualities such as beauty, flair, vitality, love, magnetism and life force. Any idea or positive subject can be translated perfectly into 3 dimensional art with an abstract twist.

In tight spaces, 3D abstract metal wall art can be ideal because it comes in so many different shapes and sizes and is often uncluttered looking. 3D abstract art can add a pop of color or provide a sense of order in an office space.

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