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Modern Interior Design Ideas

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Looking for some GREAT Modern Interior Design Ideas? Check out our mosaic glass wall art or a collection of metal abstract framed art.

"Bend" - Tree Wall Art

Modern Interior Design Ideas Expressed With Colorful Metal Wall Decor

A modern home needs to stand up and greet your guests, and a foyer or entry sets the decorative tone for the entire home. This gives you a chance to create a wonderful first impression right from the start. Modern interior design ideas focus on sleek interpretive contemporary wall sculptures to create an amazing design.

Metal wall decor is an excellent way to create a highly personalized statement in the foyer or entryway. It doesn't matter if your home includes small entry or a grand foyer, metal wall decor comes in a huge assortment of sizes, price ranges,and genres making it versatile enough for any entry space. Used alone or with other elements, metal wall decor will provide a splash of color and bold style that speaks volumes about you, your home and your personal good taste.

First, a focal wall needs to be created to draw interest. What you and your guests see when they first enter the home sets the tone for the style of the rest of the home. The wall directly opposite the entry needs to be decorated with style, like a contemporary canvas, with colorful metal wall decor.

Because of its contemporary and abstract nature, metal wall decor can be displayed vertically or horizontally. Depending on the interpretation of the piece and whichever is better for the space, colorful metal wall decor serves as a dynamic and dramatic focal point. In large spaces either one, or a few pieces can be used to focus attention on your style. The wall color should be considered and should be a hue that will complement the piece of art and make it stand out.

Second, adding depth and dimension with colorful metal wall art. The beauty and style of metal wall decor can be highlighted not only by the hue and contrast of the wall behind it, but also by the lighting of the pieces. Because they are not flat paintings, accent lighting adds a unique perspective to metal wall decor. Shadows and reflections can be used creatively to give depth to the foyer or entry.

Third, shop online to make your home truly unique. The mass produced art available at any discount store or retail chain never has the impact of an original piece of art. Choose only hand-worked, high-quality pieces to create a lasting and unique impression. The variety found online will give you almost unlimited choices and can create a first impression on your home that will leave you and your guests breathless.

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Interior Wall Decoration

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

BOOST Interior Wall Decoration with some fabulous metal art. Check out our gallery of modern abstract art and much, much more!

Use Bold Metal Wall Decor For Your Interior Wall Decoration

Bringing a beautiful new look to a room is as simple as adding an interior wall mount art sculpture. By using bold metal wall decor, you can achieve superior results.

Working with metal provides fantastic art possibilities that paint alone simply cannot. Not only does metal reflect light to provide great lighting, but it also casts amazing shadows. Since the style possibilities from using interior metal wall decor are endless, you can set the perfect mood in any color configuration.

Guests will enjoy gazing at the metal decor every time they visit. Another great option when using metal wall decor as your interior wall decoration is mixing styles. Blending contemporary art with metal wall art can make a style exclusively unique to your home or office.

If you were decorating your dining room, one of my art pieces could broaden your environment, bringing you a serene place to enjoy your meals. Placing a metal wall decoration in your living room can make a wonderful addition. Not only will it unlock the true beauty of your home, but it also makes a great conversational starter.

Mixing the right wallpaper with metal artwork can highlight the natural feeling you want to project in your comfort zone. Adding an interior metal art sculpture to your bathroom can bring functionality to art when you use a metal wall decoration. Metal naturally changes color with lighting, and by using a mirror it can provide the perfect piece for your bathroom.

Find the right piece to match your carpet and rugs to reflect a warm relaxing sensation you have always dreamed of having. When you put metal wall decor on the interior walls near your home or office entrance, you provide your guests with a warm welcoming feeling. They will be amazed at your ingenuity as you unlock the room’s exquisiteness.

Place metal wall decorations near your favorite candles, shelves, or end tables to change the entire look of the room. Metal wall art is impeccable for interior wall decoration in bedrooms. If you are looking for a piece for a teenager’s bedroom try something modern.

Large metal wall art is great for the master bedroom. A multicolored art piece can deliver a dazzling sight when you wake up, and help you to get relaxed before you go to bed. When you use bold metal wall decor for an interior design element you can accomplish astonishing visual effects. You can alter moods, and bring balance to the design and shape of any room. Browse the catalog or contact me and I will design a unique piece just for you.

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Modern Floral Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

See what MODERN Floral Art can do for your decor. View these wall mount modern art sculptures and other metal wall art and decor.

Modern Floral Art Is Expressed Perfectly With Metal Wall Decor: 6 Tips On Where To Use It

  • Explore a wealth of choices available in modern floral decor. It creates a fresh ambiance within a room, focuses and delights visitors as they move through transitional spaces, and adeptly weaves favorite elements from nature into interior spaces. From bathrooms to boardrooms, kitchens to dining rooms, and entryways to socializing spaces, modern floral art will define and impart radiance to any room.
  • In areas that do not have large windows to capture the light, or have no interior floral pieces due to a darkened northern exposure, metal wall décor can incorporates flowers with mosaic or metal-and-glass designs that bounce available illumination and create a sparkle that adds brightness. Steel and copper materials used in modern floral art, polished and sealed with clear coatings, are perfect for creating this effect.
  • Abstract and figural floral art is a perfect fit with contemporary and modern furnishings. They impart a sense of softness and welcoming to an otherwise austere room. Designs that recall the natural elements are especially suited to rooms such as dining or living areas that transition to the outdoors, and impart a fresh take on the forms shared between inner and outer worlds.
  • Larger pieces of floral wall art can be used to great effect in social spaces and entryways. The immediacy of visual sensations they reflect will delight visitors and create a buzz that carries from room to room. With care to position metal wall art in suitable lighting, your company will be greeted with an ever-changing impression of color and radiance, in a room that becomes more expansive and interesting.
  • Transform and refresh bathroom settings with mirrored floral art that frames its surroundings inside of textured and glowing ripples of colored metal. Literally bring a bit of sunshine inside with flowers that lighten the interior of kitchens and baths with the same accent colors of your counters and tiles.
  • Express unique aspects of your decor with metal floral art that incorporates three dimensional elements. Flowers, layered designs, and raised frames all create depth and interest on a wall. These pieces can be especially interactive for guests.
  • Modern floral wall art composed of natural materials reveals your environmental awareness and lifts the thoughts and emotions of viewers through their surroundings. Both shiny and warm at the same time, metal flowers enliven, energize and simultaneously relax those who pass by. They also blend superbly with traditional design schemes, and complement modern interiors, as well.
  • Match and accent your interior colors with a wide variety of painted and natural hues available in modern floral art. The finished pieces are simple to install, hang snug to the wall with professional picture hangers, and stay securely attached in even the busiest areas. Only you will experience what a difference it makes to use modern floral art to bring a once unadorned room to life!

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Modern Metal Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Modern Metal Wall Art that's truly DISTINCTIVE. Check out our home decor wall art full of contemporary - abstract wall art.

"Sky Blitz" - Abstract Art Wall Hangings

Modern Metal Wall Art Makes A Bold Statement In Any Home Or Office

Modern Metal Wall Decor is essential in any living room. It's something new, something most of your friends and family probably don't have. It's elegant and stylish, something you can be proud to show off at a dinner party. It's unique, all pieces are hand crafted, so no one will ever have the exact same piece of art as you. Modern Metal art is forever, it will never fade, rip or break. Lastly, of course, it's beautiful!
The artist, Tim Herbst, has been creating his works of art for years now and has perfected his technique. All his work are great conversation pieces and excellent additions to your living room. From trees to butterflies, from flowers to mosaics, there is something that suits every room in every home. Brighten up a living room and give it some 'pizzaz'with a glass and metal piece or give yourself some tranquility with a peaceful blue view.

Elegance and style is something you can show off in how you decorate your home. Feel energized as you pass by your living room on your way to work, like splashing cold water in your face on a hot day or come home and relax on the couch surrounded by peaceful trees of the metal persuasion. They are elegant with long, sweeping lines intended to make you say "ahhhh".

All pieces are created, only on a per order basis, so you will never see another piece just like yours. Just like a flower, your modern metal wall decor piece will be created and bloom into something you will enjoy seeing for the rest of your life. You pieces will never wither or fade and can be enjoyed by every new generation to come.

Each piece is beautiful and unique and lets you feel relaxed, invigorated, or even conjure up your favorite memories. Every art piece you see is constructed of brushed and ground steel & aluminum and some with the addition of colored copper or glass. You can hang any piece vertically or horizontally, and simply dust it with a microfiber cloth as needed.

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Modern Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Modern Wall Decor is an EXCELLENT choice to add pizzazz. See our gallery of contemporary metal wall art, abstract wall art and more.

How To Choose Modern Wall Decor For Your Home?

Are you looking for vibrant, eye opening colors that are pleasant and relaxing to the senses? Do you seek out beauty that is lively as well as exhilarating? Do you feel the need to reward yourself with positive warmth and a splash of radiant sunshine? “HERBST METAL WALL ART” is the answer to all of your Modern Wall Decor needs.
It is easy to showcase these unique works of art in any room. Try brightening up your breakfast nook or kitchen with a piece of Sunflower metal wall decor. You may also consider the a metal mosaic for a more formal dining area or entry way.

Your hallways need not be plain or bland. Try one of our “Primitive” wall hangings or art, for that subtle enhancement. How about something with long lines to add a touch of elegance to an otherwise empty throughway.

Now let us look at the areas where we entertain guests the most. Consider the gala surroundings of the billiard, party or recreation rooms. Many of our works are wonderful, yet lively conversation pieces. Consider any of my wall sculptures for a truly unique touch to any wall. Check out some of my beautifully exciting, yet Modern, Wall Decor pieces that can add significantly to your entertaining atmosphere.

Then there are the rooms in which we want to relax alone or with our family. Come, step into the den, living room or TV room. Can you picture a 3 dimensional piece with lots of texture gracing your wall? On our site you will find numerous pieces that can add a sense of comfort and togetherness for you and your family.

We have many wonderful mood setting accents, like “Green Love with Blue Custom” or "Abstract Love Contemporary" for the master bedroom, as well as eye catching designs for the nursery. With so many designs your children and teens will have no trouble finding favorites that add that special touch to their private space and help them to express their individuality.

And finally the bath, oh the bath! How about “Lily Pads” to add a splash of excitement to any restroom? You might try “Blue Sails “as another aquatic approach to your powder-room.

Any and all of these eye-catching, contemporary works can brighten up your home and give it new life. Feel free to browse our online showroom. We are here to help with your entire wall decorating needs. Look for us, “HERBST METAL WALL ART.” We are the first name in Modern Wall Décor.

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