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Modern Metal Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Modern Metal Wall Art that's truly DISTINCTIVE. Check out our home decor wall art full of contemporary - abstract wall art.

"Sky Blitz" - Abstract Art Wall Hangings

Modern Metal Wall Art Makes A Bold Statement In Any Home Or Office

Modern Metal Wall Decor is essential in any living room. It's something new, something most of your friends and family probably don't have. It's elegant and stylish, something you can be proud to show off at a dinner party. It's unique, all pieces are hand crafted, so no one will ever have the exact same piece of art as you. Modern Metal art is forever, it will never fade, rip or break. Lastly, of course, it's beautiful!
The artist, Tim Herbst, has been creating his works of art for years now and has perfected his technique. All his work are great conversation pieces and excellent additions to your living room. From trees to butterflies, from flowers to mosaics, there is something that suits every room in every home. Brighten up a living room and give it some 'pizzaz'with a glass and metal piece or give yourself some tranquility with a peaceful blue view.

Elegance and style is something you can show off in how you decorate your home. Feel energized as you pass by your living room on your way to work, like splashing cold water in your face on a hot day or come home and relax on the couch surrounded by peaceful trees of the metal persuasion. They are elegant with long, sweeping lines intended to make you say "ahhhh".

All pieces are created, only on a per order basis, so you will never see another piece just like yours. Just like a flower, your modern metal wall decor piece will be created and bloom into something you will enjoy seeing for the rest of your life. You pieces will never wither or fade and can be enjoyed by every new generation to come.

Each piece is beautiful and unique and lets you feel relaxed, invigorated, or even conjure up your favorite memories. Every art piece you see is constructed of brushed and ground steel & aluminum and some with the addition of colored copper or glass. You can hang any piece vertically or horizontally, and simply dust it with a microfiber cloth as needed.

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