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Modern Floral Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

See what MODERN Floral Art can do for your decor. View these wall mount modern art sculptures and other metal wall art and decor.

Modern Floral Art Is Expressed Perfectly With Metal Wall Decor: 6 Tips On Where To Use It

  • Explore a wealth of choices available in modern floral decor. It creates a fresh ambiance within a room, focuses and delights visitors as they move through transitional spaces, and adeptly weaves favorite elements from nature into interior spaces. From bathrooms to boardrooms, kitchens to dining rooms, and entryways to socializing spaces, modern floral art will define and impart radiance to any room.
  • In areas that do not have large windows to capture the light, or have no interior floral pieces due to a darkened northern exposure, metal wall décor can incorporates flowers with mosaic or metal-and-glass designs that bounce available illumination and create a sparkle that adds brightness. Steel and copper materials used in modern floral art, polished and sealed with clear coatings, are perfect for creating this effect.
  • Abstract and figural floral art is a perfect fit with contemporary and modern furnishings. They impart a sense of softness and welcoming to an otherwise austere room. Designs that recall the natural elements are especially suited to rooms such as dining or living areas that transition to the outdoors, and impart a fresh take on the forms shared between inner and outer worlds.
  • Larger pieces of floral wall art can be used to great effect in social spaces and entryways. The immediacy of visual sensations they reflect will delight visitors and create a buzz that carries from room to room. With care to position metal wall art in suitable lighting, your company will be greeted with an ever-changing impression of color and radiance, in a room that becomes more expansive and interesting.
  • Transform and refresh bathroom settings with mirrored floral art that frames its surroundings inside of textured and glowing ripples of colored metal. Literally bring a bit of sunshine inside with flowers that lighten the interior of kitchens and baths with the same accent colors of your counters and tiles.
  • Express unique aspects of your decor with metal floral art that incorporates three dimensional elements. Flowers, layered designs, and raised frames all create depth and interest on a wall. These pieces can be especially interactive for guests.
  • Modern floral wall art composed of natural materials reveals your environmental awareness and lifts the thoughts and emotions of viewers through their surroundings. Both shiny and warm at the same time, metal flowers enliven, energize and simultaneously relax those who pass by. They also blend superbly with traditional design schemes, and complement modern interiors, as well.
  • Match and accent your interior colors with a wide variety of painted and natural hues available in modern floral art. The finished pieces are simple to install, hang snug to the wall with professional picture hangers, and stay securely attached in even the busiest areas. Only you will experience what a difference it makes to use modern floral art to bring a once unadorned room to life!
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