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Modern Art For Sale

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

We have Modern Art For SALE. Come in and browse our modern abstract art, colorful metal art wall decor, and more.

Modern Art For Sale: Tips To Decorating Your Office With Unique Metal Wall Sculptures

Office space- it’s just that- space. That is until you make a few adjustments to its unadorned canvas. A simple piece of art can transform a room, and a couple pieces can do even more than that.

Art is a form of expression, as is décor. And what can be better than to express yourself by decorating with something more meaningful than your typical modern art fixtures? Unique Metal Wall sculptures offer a variety of colors and materials as well as a distinctive style that cannot be found elsewhere.

The industrial material used to make these sculptures presents a professional aura without discounting the originality of each piece. Abstract pieces are always interesting to look at and when merged with contemporary pieces, present a contrasting yet similar theme. Personally I would start with a centerpiece- a piece that is as practical as it is exciting. Then I would purchase a few less abrasive pieces to tie the room together.

Sometimes it’s easier to choose a theme and go with that, such as a nature theme with tree branches and abstract pieces resembling a sunset. The industrial nature-theme is all the rage, as it is easy to accommodate and unobtrusive to its audience.

Spacing is also very important when choosing modern art for sale. You don’t always have to hang pieces right next to each other in perfect order. Sometimes it’s nice to hang your art in diagonal patterns, particularly symmetrical pieces.

Perhaps on one wall, you could purchase several small rectangular pieces, and line them up together, forming a dashed rectangle. Then on the next wall over, you could use a large round centerpiece of similar theme or color. Think of each wall as its own chapter in a story that must tie together in the end. It is also prudent to consider what you already have in your space- any plants, flowers or even picture frames that can be complemented by art. Also consider the furniture, door and even windows as free canvas.

One fine idea is to find wall hangings of colored glass and metal that may be hung over a window. When the sunlight filters through the glass in the art, especially red stained glass, it can shed colorful shapes into your space. If you have a thick desk surface facing your door, you can embellish it with a piece of its own, especially if it is metallic in circumstance. With these simple suggestions, you can take office space and turn into the office place.

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