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Silver Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

DISTINGUISHED Silver Wall Decor can add pizzazz to your home or office decor. Shop our home decor wall art including colorful abstract art.

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Silver Wall Decor: Where Does It Fit?

Silver wall decor will go well in almost any room in your house. If you are looking for the perfect accent piece for a formally decorated room, consider using a handmade silver wall art. Likewise, if you have a room that has casual furnishings, using a modern wall art and decor can create an interesting focal point which will liven up the room.

A silver wall sculpture can be used in a room even if you have other metallic pieces in the room. Gold, brass, copper,and pewter pieces all blend well with silver.

The best way to fit your silver wall hanging into a room which has other metallic objects is by mixing and matching the metallic pieces. For example, if your kitchen candlesticks are pewter, and your fixtures are golden in color, you can still use a silver wall hanging in the room. Simply make sure to mix the colors to achieve balance in the room.

Another way to use different types of colored metallic objects in such a room would be to create distance between the objects. The physical distance between the objects will easily allow your eye to transition from piece to piece. For example, you might consider placing your silver wall hanging on a wall that is opposite the table where your pewter candlesticks are located.

In a bedroom, a silver wall hanging would look beautiful when placed above a dresser. Such a piece could even be used instead of a headboard and hung on the wall directly above the bed.

A silver wall hanging would look stunning in a guest bathroom, especially if your bathroom is painted in bold colors like red and black. Although many people are using black and red to decorate their bathrooms nowadays, you can stand out from the crowd easily! A silver wall hanging will help to create a unique decorating statement with a minimal amount of effort.

Silver wall hangings would look beautiful in your foyer or entryway. Not only would such a piece add interest to the walls, but it will create a great conversation piece. Wall decorations also create an inviting, friendly atmosphere which will be sure to put your guests at ease.

One room that is often overlooked when decorating is the dining room. There is no reason that your dining room walls need to be bland and boring! A unique wall hanging would look perfect on the wall across the room from a china cabinet or hutch. Your family will appreciate the attractive wall art as will your dinner guests!

As you can see, there are plenty of places in your home where your silver wall hanging can fit. The decorating opportunities are limitless!

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