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Modern Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Modern Wall Art will WOW! your guests and colleagues. Browse our contemporary and abstract metal wall art as well.

6 Tips On Using Modern Wall Art To Decorate Your Bedroom

Photographs of beloved family members adorn the walls of the living room. Children’s artwork covers the refrigerator. A resin lighthouse hangs next to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. It may be time to add some modern art to your life. And there may be no better place than the master bedroom.

  1. Choose artwork for the bedroom that you really like. You would not place a portrait of your beloved grandmother over your bed, so why put her sofa painting there? The bedroom is a private space, where visitors seldom appear. The style of decorating should bring you pleasure and serenity. Choosing a modern art piece that speaks to you is an easy way to claim the room as your own.
  2. Echo architecture features with modern wall art. Tall windows can become more of a focal point when flanked by large modern wall art of the same height and width, bringing the outside into the room or expanding the view. A wall of doors, either to closets or the bathroom, can become visually appealing by hanging metal sculptures between each door jam. Or, a built-in shelving area can become a showplace for interesting pieces instead of a magnet for clutter.
  3. Replace the headboard or vanity mirror with an oversized modern wall art sculpture. The one obvious space crying out for something of interest is the expanse behind your pillow. Traditional headboards can be bulky. Or ugly. Or both. But, an interesting piece of modern art can give you something to contemplate on sleepless nights and draw you into a place a rest from the chaos of the world outside. The traditional large mirror mounted over a low dresser can be replaced with modern art as well, making an otherwise dull space a place of interest.
  4. Use metal wall decor to add a bold touch. Modern art can transform a neutral space into a personal haven. Renters have long known that, when one cannot paint, hanging dramatic pieces on the walls can make all the difference. In the bedroom, where the linens are generally kept neutral and the wall colors subtle, the right piece of modern art can add a splash of vitality and life.
  5. Select pieces to minimize problem areas. Just as judicious placement of artwork can make the good features of your room better, metal wall decor can be used to create an illusion of space. When the ceiling feels too high, place a long piece parallel to the ceiling but several feet down, to break up the expanse of wall. When the ceiling feels to low, use thin and tall pieces to room feel taller. If the furniture feels unbalanced, with too many or not enough or the dresser is just out of proportion, a piece of art can go a long way to bring the room back into equilibrium.
  6. Don’t pick art to match your couch. While all of these ways to improve your space with modern art are true, the art is wasted if it is only chosen as décor. Size, shape, and color are important, but loving the work is more important. So, if you must match, pick your room to match the art. It will bring you much greater joy.

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