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Abstract Art Wall Hangings "Wind In the Trees"

$ 525.00
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Imagine walking into an already colorful contemporary loft and seeing this original metal artwork bringing a sense of calm and balance after a busy day.
I created this unusual abstract art by hand-grinding and layering sheets of aluminum, using the idea of wind in the trees to inspire the broad strokes and soft feel of the metal. This wall hanging especially draws you into the piece, with an almost three-dimensional quality in the grind-work.
I love the unique subtlety of silver and black artwork that is full of texture. It is the perfect style for a modern home/office, balancing any colors already in the space and reflecting light in a vibrant and unique way. Available for sale online to homeowners, decorators and designers alike, this unusual art piece can be hung either horizontally or vertically. You can buy it for large walls as well, as it is a great accent piece in big spaces.
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