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Large Horizontal Wall Art "Sittin' Easy"

$ 575.00
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Man I love the feel of these layered brushed metal pieces.  This one in particular has an ultra modern, contemporary design with clean lines and simple composition.  The aqua and teal are framed in silver, the raw aluminum that I hand-ground in my 'patch-work' patter to capture light in both directions.  The three copper squares are like the icing on the cake-the final touch that draws your attention to this original wall sculpture.  I ground texture into the copper and then heated the metal, giving it a vibrant array of its own unique color. This piece looks fabulous on large horizontal walls in its horizontal orientation, or hanging vertically next to a door or window.  A great addition to a downtown loft, condo or office and for sale online in different sizes.

** It is such a joy to create artwork, taking some design or idea from my imagination into a tangible form . . . thanks for checking out my own unique collection of metal wall art.

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