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Large Wall Art Decor "Balanced"

$ 1,525.00
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There is something about smaller pieces put together to create large wall art that I just love! It adds a unique dimension to the space, and lets you play with hanging of the pieces, either in the same plane like pictured here or staggered in a playful pattern. I created this metal sculpture in aluminum combining the hand-ground back panels with paintings on metal in bright blues, oranges, purples, and greens. The layer of black is a nice accent to offset the colors. This original wall art can hang in either orientation, vertically as pictured here or horizontally for an expansive feel. It looks great in a contemporary office or meeting room, and has been a favorite among homeowners with modern lofts or condos. If you are a designer or decorator looking for large unique wall art, this piece is a beautiful fit.

** Thanks for supporting original, unique art! It's important for all of us to feel creative energy around us - it helps keep us connected.

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