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Metal Sculpture Wall Art "Imagination in Motion"

$ 575.00
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I created this abstract metal sculpture with a sense of playfulness in mind.  The textured silver sits as a backdrop for layered pieces of greens, oranges, blues and black, all put together with a feeling full of vitality.  I wanted the quality and integrity of the lines to let the viewer imagine rooftops and cityscapes swirling in a vortex.  This artwork is perfect for contemporary decor, an eye-catching addition for over the fireplace or office desk, for your home, office, condo or loft. This wall art can be rotated and hung in either direction, the rotation allowing you to become one of the designers/decorators by choosing which direction most suites your eye.  It is available for sale online -whether you are looking to buy something for a large wall or simply an empty space in your hallway, the wonderful imagination and playfulness of this piece will make it a brilliant addition to your space.
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