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Orange and Red Abstract Metal Wall Sculptures "Color Flare 5"

$ 575.00
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I initially started making these particular shaped abstract metal wall sculptures after many customers asked for long narrow pieces to fit in those difficult to fill spaces that needed art. I love the versatility of this shape, and the way the layered metal gives it a sculptural feel. The painting on top in orange and red is framed with black and hand-ground silver aluminum creating an abstract, contemporary quality. This piece is a great fit for contemporary decor and design. For big spaces, you can turn it into a large wall piece by staggering several across your wall either horizontally or vertically.

** Creating artwork is a fabulous way to make a living and spend time inspired by the world we live in. Thanks for taking time to check out my own original art pieces-I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy making them!

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