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Sculpture Wall Art "I'll Carry You"

$ 575.00
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This piece of abstract artwork was made with a sense of playfulness in mind - I really enjoy the geometric lines and layers in combination with the more organic swirls.  It is balanced & unique enough to find a home in a modern condo or loft or a modern & contemporary office in the heart of downtown.  Interior designers and decorators can use it to fill that medium to large space with something original and unusual that's more sculptural / 3D.  Like all my art work, you can hang it both in the horizontal and vertical position - my suggestion is to try it all 4 directions and see which way you like it best.  The champagne - goldish backdrop with swirls provides a subtle contrast to the black square with the brilliant oranges, purples, blues.  It's for sale here in varied sizes, so take advantage of it - original wall art says something about you and your personality:)  Thanks for supporting the Arts - I take pride in making unique wall sculptures !!
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